The State of Ohio Development Services Agency has notified the SMHA of a $65,000 award to administer a series of Lean Six Sigma and Kaizen training workshops in collaboration with Kent State University’s Corporate and Professional Development Center. The State of Ohio’s Local Government Innovation Fund (LGIF) offers financial assistance for projects that will create more efficient and effective service delivery and facilitate improved business operations. The SMHA is one of sixteen local government entities to be awarded in the Round 14 allocation.

The Lean Six Sigma methodology which focuses on five critical steps: define, measure, analyze, improve, and control relies on collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically removing waste. SMHA will focus on improving the intake and recertification process in the Public Housing and Section 8 Departments. Kent State University’s Lean Six Sigma trainers will assist SMHA through a series of planned events to meet various needs and objectives which include: adopting an electronic document scanning and submittal policy, developing standard operating procedures for receiving and delivering submitted documents and income verifications, computer training, and digital file organization and retention.

Director Hill stated, “I am very pleased that the Agency was awarded the LGIF process improvement grant. The opportunity to work with Kent State University’s team to provide Lean Six Sigma training opportunities will enable us to streamline our intake procedures and improve the recertification process; making services simpler, faster, better and less costly.”