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SMHA Awards Albert H. McIlwain Scholarship Recipients

For over 20 years, the Albert H. McIlwain Scholarship has provided educational opportunities to worthy members of the Stark County community. Annually, SMHA honors two Public Housing or Section 8 clients with a $500 scholarship to help fulfill academic and career goals. These scholarships are an intricate part of SMHA's goal to develop opportunities for [...]

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YWCA Receives Funding for Child Development and Family Support Services

The YWCA Canton has recently received funding to provide comprehensive Early Head Start child development and family support services to low income families with children from birth to age three in Stark County. Partnering with JRC Early Learning Center, The Stuckey Family Interfaith Child Development Center, OakPark Preschool, First Baptist Nursery and child Care Center, [...]

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SMHA Board to Consider Ban-the-Box

SMHA's Board of Commissioners will be considering the issue of ban-the-box: an international campaign by civil rights groups and advocates for ex-offenders, aimed at persuading employers to remove from their hiring applications the check box that asks if applicants have a criminal record.

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Help Me Grow Offers a Free Home Visiting Program

Calling all first time expectant or new parents! Help Me Grow offers a free Home Visiting Program. Home Visiting matches parents with a trained home visitor who comes to wherever the family lives. Their home visitor is a friendly, trained, and experienced person who can answer questions about pregnancy or being a parent and can [...]

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Play, Learn, Grow at Jackson Sherrick

In collaboration with the Early Childhood Resource Center, Incept, and Stark County Job and Family Services, SMHA is proud to announce the opening of the family learning station at Jackson Sherrick. The Jackson Sherrick community which is home to 340 families, is an ideal location for the family resource room. Children and their parents are [...]

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