Security Department

Stark Metropolitan Housing Authority’s (SMHA) security staff is committed to providing all SMHA housing residents and employees a safe, secure, and healthy living and working environment. Our current partnership with county-wide law enforcement and security agencies is a part of that commitment. The desired goal of these partnerships is to improve resident security and safety through proactive policing strategies and better communication with residents, managers, and employees. The Security Department assigns officers to various SMHA properties. Officers have numerous duties and assignments that promote resident and employee health and safety.

In addition, the security and management operations staff have collaborated to improve the criminal background check investigations for all new housing applicants–the first step in providing better safety and security for our residents.

A confidential 24/7 information hotline assists our residents in reporting criminal and drug activity and other lease violations on SMHA property. Many valuable calls have been received since its implementation, which have helped police and security investigate activity that is detrimental to the safety and welfare of SMHA residents.

The Security Department will continue to move forward in its commitment to provide better safety and security for residents and employees.

David Simpson
Security & Compliance Coordinator

330-454-8051 Ext. 308

Confidential Hotline:
(330) 454-3338

Report Violators!

Please value your SMHA Housing. Review your lease agreement. Violators will be held accountable. Criminal, drug, gang activity, and unauthorized lodgers are lease violations. No exceptions, no excuses!

CALL: (330) 454-3338

The Confidential Informational Hotline!