Current Business Opportunities:

Our Agency is now conducting our competitive solicitations on an eProcurement Marketplace (as our Agency is paying all costs for the use of this Marketplace, there will not be any additional charges to your firm to use this Marketplace to download the RFP documents and/or submit a response to our Agency). To take part in this process, please follow these instructions:


  • Access (no “www”)
  • Click on the “Login” button in the upper left side
  • Follow the listed directions
  • If you have any problems in accessing or registering on the eProcurement Marketplace, please call customer support at (866)526-9266

For Step by Step instructions on registering for this eProcurement Marketplace, Vendors/Contractors are encouraged to view the following Vendor Registration Document, Stark Metropolitan Housing Authority VRD.pdf

Due to the importance of all respondents having a clear understanding of the specifications and scope of work requirements in certain solicitations, attendance at one of the pre-proposal conferences is strongly recommended. During the pre-proposal conferences, contractors are given instructions on how to place their bids, bid security requirements, Section 3 requirements, Davis-Bacon Prevailing Wages, and a review of the work required.

All questions regarding any solicitation must be submitted on the eProcurement website by the specified deadline.  All questions received will be answered in the form of an addendum and will be posted on the eProcurement website.

We are grateful for your interest in doing business with our Agency and we look forward to receiving responses to our solicitations from your firm.